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I believe in the promise and diversity of America: Pramila Jayapal

November 18, 2014News Clip

WASHINGTON, DC: Pramila Jayapal, a well-known proponent for immigration reform and human rights, won the Democratic seat for State Senate in District 37 of Washington State.

The community leader, wife, and mother to a 17-year-old, hails from India, where she was born and raised. At the age of 16, she came alone to the US and worked her way towards earning a BA and an MBA from prestigious universities.

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Pramila Jayapal takes 69.2 percent of vote in Senate election win

November 9, 2014News Clip

As of Friday, November 7, State Senate District 37 candidate Pramila Jayapal has earned 69.2 percent of the vote in her victory over Louis Watanabe (30.8 percent). Both candidates are members of the Democratic Party.

With the count well over 60 percent on election night, Senator-elect Jayapal had a brief message for her supporters: “I know I could not have done any of this without your love and support and I cannot thank you enough! I am honored and humbled to be celebrating this victory tonight. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

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Senator Jayapal! API Candidate Results From Election Night

November 6, 2014News Clip

The general election results are in from Election Night Nov. 4, and there were almost an equal percentage of winners and losers in the API community.

Several API candidates win Representative and Senator positions

Mia Su-Ling Gregerson won Representative position no. 2 for Legislative District no. 33 by 55 percent of the votes.

Pramila Jayapal won the State Senator position for Legislative District no. 37 by 66 percent of the votes.

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Big win for Pramila, but diversity in WA politics at a standstill

November 5, 2014News Clip

Supporters of Pramila Jayapal cheered after the first election results streamed in last night — giving Jayapal 66.3% of the vote and effectively making her the first Indian immigrant elected to the Washington State Legislature. Depending on the final tally of the 30th District results and Shari Song’s race, this race will also make Jayapal the only woman of color in the Washington State Senate.

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A Night to Ignore the National News and Get Lost in Local Elections

November 5, 2014News Clip

Somewhere out beyond the edges of our emerald bubble is the world in which Republicans just took control of US Senate for the first time in eight years. We had little to do with that. Neither of Washington State's senators were up for election this season, and as a result, last night offered an excellent moment to stare inward and avoid the grim beyond. Here in this city, at least, voters are willing to wade into the confusing thicket of a two-step ballot question and eagerly vote to tax themselves—their precious property, even!—in order to fund the start of universal preschool.

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